15 MAY 2011


Louise Landes Levi: Star Maiden

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Hey everyone: okay, this week is a monster. We kick off with the phenomenal new LP from MV & EE, Country Stash, on Three Lobed, with the duo at the absolute peak of their powers. If you’re jonesing for more MV & EE our resident COM expert, Andrew Ross, stars on the cover of one of the new Heroines, Monumental Force (Biggest Moment) alongside the first appearance of a VT bag on a Heroine sleeve (!), while giving us the rundown on the whole of the new CD-R batch, including Alt Hardcore Live, Blasted Wavelength (One For Vega And Boss), Double Double Raw and Terrastock Raga. The much-anticipated new 2xCD set from Les Rallizes Denudes is here, Cable Hogue Soundtrack, on Phoenix Records, compiled by Miuztani himself! Vinyl version due soon: with alla the new Rallizes titles selling out on release, best to email us to get on the reserve list if you want to be sure not to miss out. New 3” CD-R from The A Band on Sonic Oyster Records and two new cassettes from Andrew Paine and Matthew Shaw on Sonic Oyster Cassettes. Phenomenal set of releases on La Scie Doree with a necessary reissue of Timo Van Luijk aka Af Ursin’s classic Aika and the debut LP from the new group project of Andrew Chalk and Timo Van Luijk, Elodie, with guest appearances from Daisuke Suzuki and Ian Middleton. You need to hear these! Also got a supremely weirdo 10” + CD + art book set from the mysterious Japanese/South African avant garde troupe Ellende, Heavy Metal Drones, on Smeerlappen. Alvarius B Baroque Primitiva CD+Book on Abduction. New Spectrum Spools LPs from Forma and a 2xLP from Mist aka John Elliott of Emeralds and Sam Goldberg. Three beautiful deluxe vinyl reissues of classic Michael Hurley albums – Have Moicy!, Long Journey and Snockgrass – on Light In The Attic. Revelatory archival reissue of the best of a series of cassettes recorded by Louise Landes Levi, a member of the Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company alongside Angus MacLise, Terry Riley and Daniel Moore and a student of LaMonte Young, on Sloow Tapes, as well as a great compilation of the best of the contemporary Belgian underground, Beter Traag Dan Nooit.


Derek Monypeny’s fantastic Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce LP on Raheem. A bunch of key Heroine releases from MV & EE. Mark McGuire 2xCD on Editions Mego. Last copies of the now out of print Christina Carter Texas Blues Working 2xLP and Natural Snow Buildings CD on Blackest Rainbow Recordings. Last copies of the recent Dead Machines set on American Tapes.


Country Stash
Three Lobed



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