Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Bruce Russell & John Wiese

Helicopter H-40


More evacuated noise tectonics from the dream-team hook-up of US noise wunderkind John Wiese and NZ sound-thinker and Dead C member Bruce Russell. Limited to 300 copies.

Various Artists
NoFi Rainbow Vol. 1

End Of The Alphabet Records EAR 001


Incredible new very limited proto-Tokyo Flashback scale compilation that attempts to take the temperature of the New Zealand underground circa now, complete with original artwork by Campbell Kneale: this one subverts and bolsters the NZ destructo rock/home-bled concrete tape work tradition, marrying tracks from heavyweights like Bruce Russell and Peter Wright, Campbell Kneale’s Our Love Will Destroy The World and Antony Milton alongside major new voices that range from obliterated almost Omit-scale homemade electronics, evacuate beats and splintered vocals through roaring drone and end of the world soundings courtesy of killer new breed voices like Mischancerie, ETRC aka Shannon Reed, i.ryoko, Oona Verse and Noel Meek. Highly recommended.  

The Dead C/Rangda
Dead C Vs Rangda

Ba Da Bing Records BING-081


Massive two-header that presents unreleased archival recordings from legendary NZ underground group The Dead C paired with new tracks from the trio of guitarists Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance) and drummer Chris Corsano: the Dead C side is a particular revelation, with the discovery of previously unreleased tracks that were under consideration for inclusion on their masterful 1992 album for Flying Nun, Eusa Kills. On the flip Rangda make with some dazzling power trio moves, re-thinking rock dynamics with drooling polyrhythms and overdosed modal guitar histrionics that take off on Sonny Sharrock circa Monkey-Pockie-Boo. 

The Dead C
Harsh 70s Reality

Siltbreeze SB-11/12


Original copies of one of the central documents of the 1990s underground, The Dead C’s seminal, sprawling masterpiece Harsh 70s Reality from 1992. Nothing else comes close. Rare and OOP, very highly recommended!