Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Le Quatuor De Jazz Libre Du Quebec

TNZR 051


Historically potent unearthing of this amazing underground free jazz ensemble, reputedly Quebec’s first free improvising group. These guys had a very obscure LP on London in 1969 but this later set blows even that out of the water, recorded at Radio Canada’s Studio 13 on 13th May 1973. Consisting of Jean Prefontaine on tenor saxophone and flute, Yves Charbonneau on pocket trumpet, Jean-Guy Poirier on drums and Yves Bouliane on double bass, the group were also involved in radical politics and contemporary avant garde art, at one point purchasing some land with the intention of establishing an artists’ commune. The music is simply phenomenal, played with the kind of otherworldly energy of the original Albert Ayler Trio, with the brass scraping the goddamn ceiling while bass and drums hook up with alla the ferocity of Han Bennink and Maarten Altena on Marion Brown’s wild Porto Novo side. Some of the more spacious pieces have the ghostly orchestral aspect of Bill Dixon’s compositions cut with a feel for genuinely radical sonics and mournful testifying brass w/long breathy tones punctuated by martial explosions of percussion. Indeed, this is up there with Eremite’s amazing Aboriginal Music Society box set in terms of uncovering major lost fire music ensembles. Fans of New York Eye & Ear Control, Duo Exchange, Babi, Sonny’s Time Now et al *need* a copy of this in their collection. 180g vinyl. Phenomenal and very highly recommended!