Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Open City
Open City

Thin Wrist


First brain-bending blat of avant tongue from this killing LA-based group who channel heavily drugged Interstellar Space-styled brain exchanges into a black hole zone where the constraints of received form dissolve like so much candyfloss. Duo guitar-amp destruction just like you need it, dumpling. Comes in a swank full-colour gatefold sleeve.

Open City
The Birth of Cruel

Thin Wrist TW-E


More open heart electro-surgery from this thrilling LA-based trio who navigate fucked-up atonal rock squall with screwdrivers, lab-coats and a deep pocket full of advanced avant theory, meaning this is the rock band equivalent of what Anthony Braxton might've birthed if he'd followed up his recent Wolf Eyes purchases with a stab at post-Evol No Wave thought. Something to drool over for sure.